Ken’s Ultimate Guide to Lottery Syndicates

Welcome to Ken’s ultimate guide to lottery syndicates. In this article, you will learn how lottery syndicates work, why you should get involved, and how to choose the best lottery syndicate website for you.

How Lottery Syndicates Work

In order to explain how lottery syndicates work, and to keep things consistent, we are going to use the lottery syndicates available at LottoSocial as an example. LottoSocial is a lottery syndicate management service. What this means is that they take care of the setting up and running of your syndicate for you. This keeps the entire process simple and hassle-free for those of you that are looking to get involved with a lottery syndicate.

However, LottoSocial is not the only option for people wanting to play the lottery as part of a group. There are plenty of other lottery syndicates available to choose from, including those provided by LottoGo, Jackpot.com, and theLotter. For players in the UK though we believe that LottoSocial is the best lottery syndicate website, and it offers a lot of advantages. We will take a look at each of these, one by one in this article. To get you started though, we recommend that you view the following video.

Why you should consider joining a lottery syndicate online

When it comes to betting & wagering online, playing the lottery is a very flexible way to play. You can get enjoyment out of playing your favorite lottery games either by betting on the lottery, buying a physical ticket through an online concierge service, or taking part in a lottery syndicate.

Long-time lottery players and lottery experts often extol the virtues of online lottery syndicates. Below we list the reasons why you may want to consider visiting a lottery syndicate website sooner rather than later.

1 in 4 jackpots are won by lottery syndicates

Syndicate betting is by far the most successful and satisfying way to buy lottery tickets online. Did you know that 1 in every 4 lottery jackpots is won by a syndicate?

Achieve consistent returns with lotto syndicates online

Ken Slots recommends lottery syndicate betting over purchasing individual lottery tickets at your local store in order to generate more consistent returns. You will have tremendous fun playing the many lottery games that are available to you and experience many tangible results too. What’s more, syndicate membership is absolutely FREE!

Play syndicate lottery from anywhere

Playing as part of a lottery syndicate could not be easier. You can join online lottery syndicates from anywhere in the world, including a UK lottery syndicate. You don’t need to be a resident of the country where your chosen lottery draw is held. Register an account with one of our top syndicate lottery partners and gain immediate access to lotto games not available on the high street.

Form your own mini-syndicate

Ken Slots is not a syndicate lottery. However, our readers are invited to join one of our recommended online lottery syndicates. the best lottery syndicate website in our opinion is LottoSocial. They handle the entire lottery syndicate process for you from end to end. They will find other syndicate members and collect the entry fees. What is more, should your syndicate win a prize, they will contact all the members and make sure that they get paid. Winning lottery syndicate members will have the money paid directly into their player accounts and receive 100% of the WINNINGS GUARANTEED. No deductions!

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Major benefits of a lottery syndicate

  • Buy more lottery tickets at a fraction of the cost
  • Significantly better odds of winning a jackpot
  • Consistently better returns than playing alone
  • Share in the excitement with other members
  • Make lifelong friends

Lottery syndicate management service

Subscribing to a lottery syndicate management service is a great option for those that just want to choose their numbers and have everything else done for them. It is also a useful service if you are the type of person that plays the same numbers every week.

You can play in as many draws as you like, as often as you like in the knowledge that your lottery numbers are going to get the maximum value over the time of your membership. Many players that use this service see regular returns on their investment month after month. This is because you are taking a share of a much bigger pool of numbers for the same price as a single ticket.

Member submissions are pooled together to form group entries or syndicates. Doing it this way means that each lottery syndicate is able to purchase multiple number combinations in every draw. We recommend that you take the time to read about the Lottery Wheeling System for information about how this could potentially improve your chances of winning a major lottery jackpot.

lottery syndicates

Playing in a syndicate means you are guaranteed to have at least two numbers as all of the bonus ball combinations will be covered. Sizes of syndicate groups may vary but are generally between 45 to 150 players. Pooling members’ lottery submissions in this way generate more consistent success for our members many of whom have had significant wins. And this is how syndicates work!

Syndicate Lottery Rules (offline or online)

If you decide to form your own offline lottery syndicate then there are some rules that it would be best to follow. These syndicate lottery rules are simple, but they are necessary. In the long term, they will ensure the integrity of your syndicate and that friends stay friends. Of course, if the thought of forming your own online lotto syndicate seems too daunting then you always have the option of visiting a lottery syndicate website such as LottoSocial and letting someone else do the work.

Setting up a lottery syndicate agreement

If you have decided to take part in a syndicate together with family or friends or work colleagues you may feel that you don’t need a syndicate agreement…You do!

Unless you are going to play lottery online where you have a fully automated system and access to dedicated account managers a syndicate agreement is a must. If you take only one thing away from reading this article then this needs to be it. Trust me on this one, when millions or even billions of dollars are at stake (and they could be) you need to be covered, or problems will surely follow.

8 things that need to be in a syndicate agreement…

  • The name of the syndicate – every syndicate needs a name.
  • The name of the syndicate manager – the person responsible for collecting money and purchasing entries.
  • The name of the deputy syndicate manager – for when the syndicate manager is unavailable.
  • The names of all the participants and their monetary contribution and share of the prize.
  • Any special arrangement such as type of lottery, lottery name, day, date etc.
  • Ticket number(s) and where they were purchased – don’t forget to take a photo!
  • Any other arrangements such as what to do about ex-players or people that ‘forgot’ to contribute that week.

Each group of players is different of course and depending on where you live and the lottery you play, additions to this basic agreement can always be used. The most important thing to remember though is, that all players must agree and sign up to the rules. Also, once the rules are set they should be set in stone and never, ever altered unless by agreement of all the players.

The role of the syndicate manager

The lottery syndicate manager has an important (and trustworthy) role to play. It helps when choosing a syndicate manager that the group elects someone who is both efficient and above reproach. Alternatively, it makes sense in most cases to use online lotto syndicates as those are automated and as such, foolproof.

Optimum size for online lottery syndicates

There are no hard and fast rules for the size of an online lottery syndicate or for the number of entries, they should play. However, for ease of administration, and because if your syndicate does win the jackpot everyone will want a good amount of cash, we recommend no more than 50 players.

In reality, 50 players would be extremely rare and most syndicates are usually around 5-10 players. A jackpot win of £/$/€1,000,000 divided amongst 50 players would give everyone £/$/€20,000 each.

Again, there are no rules that determine the number of entries you can have (unless you set that yourselves in the syndicate agreement) but you can increase the number of lines that you can purchase by taking advantage of the LottoSocial welcome offer of 10 Euromillions syndicate lines for only £1.

How to get paid your lottery cash

This is the question everybody cares about. How to get the money…honey!

Generally, any lottery winnings for online lotto syndicates will be paid to the syndicate manager. You could, if you wish to avoid all the hassle and mistrust of being paid this way, play lotto online at a lottery syndicate website and have your cash paid straight into your account.

Lottery Syndicates

Frequently Asked Questions

Ken answers your most asked questions about lotto syndicates online and how you can get involved.

Yes, perfectly legal. They can be a lot of fun too. We would totally encourage you to take part in online lottery syndicates, make new friends, and dramatically increase your odds of scooping a major lottery jackpot win.

Are lotto syndicates online worth it?

Totally worth it! Only by playing as part of a syndicate are you able to cover more numbers with a single entry, thereby dramatically increasing your chances of a lottery jackpot win. Imagine winning $1 billion as part of a Megamillions syndicate lottery partnership of 50 players. Your share would be a cool $20 million!

How often do syndicates win the lottery?

According to Camelot (UK National Lottery), 1 in every 4 lottery jackpots is won by a syndicate.

How is the cash from online lotto syndicates divided?

Winning lottery syndicates will divide the money according to the number of shares a player has. The number of shares should be in direct proportion to the amount of money the player has contributed to the pool.

How can a syndicate member be sure that the tickets have been purchased?

Offline lottery syndicate managers should always take a picture of the purchased tickets on their mobile phone and then share that with the group. WhatsApp groups are good for this.

A better way of verifying the purchase of your syndicate entries is to play at a lottery syndicate website. This way you will have an electronic record of all your purchases.

How do I join an online lottery syndicate?

Taking part in online lotto syndicates is easy. One of the best ones to join is Lotto Social which has a great sign-up offer right now of 10 Euromillions syndicate lines for £1 + 5 FREE scratchcards. Not only do they have an awesome bonus they also offer 8 major lotteries including Euromillions, Megamillions, and Powerball as well as lottery bundles.

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