Reggie Raps the US Lottery Numbers

Reggie playing the lottery. The hilarious Mike Epps playing the lottery and rapping his US lottery numbers in the 2002 movie  All About The Benjamins. The movie also featured Ice cube as bounty hunter Bucum Jackson who teams with a small-time con artist, Reggie Wright (Mike Epps) in an attempt to locate a missing stash of diamonds and a lottery ticket worth millions of dollars. Bucum and Reggie find themselves in a race to the finish as they embark on an unlikely partnership that should — when all is said and done — prove beneficial to them both.

Reggie rapping the US lottery numbers

This is a very funny movie and well worth checking out, Mike Epps is in top form as Reggie and Ice Cube gives one of his better performances. Personally, I thought they worked well together.

The US lottery numbers that Reggie raps in the store (in case you want to play them) are 15, 30, 37, 38, 45, and 47. curiously the Powerball or Mega ball numbers are never mentioned. However, all of the numbers (except 15) are too big to represent the bonus ball, so we must conclude that 15 is the bonus ball in this scenario.

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