Deutsche Lotterie SPIELEn

There are 9 different levels in the German 6Aus49 giving you plenty of chances to win a major prize. What’s more, you don’t need to be German to play. Play German lotto from anywhere in the world and dream big!

German Lotto 6Aus49

Play Germany’s Biggest Lottery Game 6Aus49

Lotto 6aus49 launched in 1974 and is one of Germany’s biggest Lottery Games. Draws take place every Wednesday (6.25pm) and Saturday (7.25pm) CET. Players choose six main numbers between 1 – 49 plus and an additional number, known as ‘Superzahl’. This is a bonus number between 0-9.

To win the jackpot, a player must match all seven numbers. However, it is possible to win a prize by matching as few as 2 main numbers plus the Superzahl. Consequently, jackpots have climbed to incredible amounts with the largest jackpot so far being €43,380,458 in December 2007.

The 6 Aus 49 has a rollover limit of 13 draws. After this, the top prizes would be split between the winners on the next tier down. However, this rarely occurs.