What is a Lottery Ticket Delivery Service?

Lottery ticket delivery service providers have been around for a number of years. In the past 12 months though their popularity has risen dramatically. Why is that?

The ease with which ordinary people can take part in lotteries from all around the world is truly incredible. More and more lottery games are being opened up to players as increasing amounts of lottery providers enter the market. No longer are lotto players limited to merely one or two domestic products.

This phenomenon can in part be attributed to the passing in December 2016 of Assembly Bill 3904. The Assembly Bill was passed in the state of New Jersey USA and authorised the operation of lottery courier services. In itself this might be of little interest to lottery players in Europe, or even elsewhere in America, were it not for the possibilities that opened up as a result. Despite NJ currently being the only place in America to formally allow the existence of lottery ticket delivery services, domestic couriers are now operating in multiple US states.

The thinking behind the bill was ‘to broaden the lottery’s customer base’. In particular it was hoped that this law would help the states homebound residents to take part in the lottery. Home delivery has become as American as ‘Apple Pie’ thanks to the internet and many state lotteries do not currently allow for the purchase of lottery tickets online. This means that New Jersey residents who do not have the freedom or the physical capacity to get to their local grocery store can now purchase a lottery ticket.

The lottery ticket delivery service that is now being offered in New Jersey does exactly what it says on the tin. Independent courier services allow for the purchase of lottery tickets online then scan the tickets and make them available to their players. They do this by purchasing them at official lottery ticket retailers in the state.

As with all the best things internet related this idea has now gone viral and has become something of a global phenomenon. This has led to multiple lottery ticket delivery service providers being created not only in the USA but in Europe, Australia, India and even China, where the online purchase of physical lottery scratch cards has become incredibly popular.

Lottery ticket delivery service

The popularity of this type of lottery ticket purchase has been nothing short of amazing. It allows lottery fanatics from all over the world the opportunity to purchase entries into any lottery game, anywhere in the world, no matter where they live.

This has meant that Lottery ticket delivery service providers such as theLotter and Lotto Agent have seen a massive surge in interest. They have done this by operating a sophisticated system of ‘lottery agents’ working out of bureaus located all over the globe.

Historically lotteries (such as in the USA) required that ticket holders be resident in the country in which the lottery is held. This effectively barred foreigners from taking part in, or winning prizes in, national or state lotteries. This has. now become virtually, redundant. By providing a ‘messenger’ service through the use of agents, these new lottery ticket delivery service providers offer a valuable service. Not only has this type of service opened up the world of lottery ticket purchases it is also completely legal. Lottery ticket delivery service providers do need permission from state and national authorities where the tickets are acquired, however, a license is not usually required.

The reason for this is that, although they make the online purchase of lottery tickets available to the masses, they do not offer a gambling service. Effectively all that they do is purchase a lottery ticket for an individual by proxy. They then charge a small ‘handling’ or ‘agents’ fee. What they cannot do is take a percentage of any lottery winnings from the player. The law here is very clear and is designed to protect the consumer. Each lottery ticket delivery service will only charge you a very clear and transparent ‘one time only’ charge when you purchase online. This fee is also included in the ticket price so you will never come across any ‘added extras’ on check-out.

These messenger services although not technically requiring an international gaming license do frequently obtain one. Generally, they will acquire a license through a less well-recognised jurisdiction such as Curacao or Belize rather than the more respected licensing authorities in Malta or the Isle of Man. This should not be looked upon as a negative though. Frequently this is done because of the range of different licenses these minor jurisdictions offer, and because they are located physically closer to the USA.

It is also important to note that licensing aside the way in which these services operate is strictly controlled. Even though a lottery ticket delivery service may not need a license, the lottery operator from whom these tickets are purchased most definitely does. Because of this, there is no room for fraudsters or scam artists. The purchase, the scanning and the security of all lottery tickets are designed to give the consumer absolute peace of mind.

The use of a DPD delivery driver and van is for illustrative purposes only. It is not intended to signify that DPD is involved in any way in the purchase or distribution of national or international lottery tickets. You can find out more about DPD and the services that they do offer by visiting their website http://www.dpd.co.uk.

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