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Checking your lottery numbers is the fastest way to find out whether you have become the latest lottery millionaire. It is also a great way to check your lottery numbers against winning lottery numbers from around the world. Do not underestimate lottery draws from other parts of the world. Many overseas lotteries offer incredible value, frequently offering much lower odds than you will find in your own national lottery.

Ken has picked 33 of the world’s biggest lottery jackpots just for you. Compare your lottery numbers against the latest winning numbers from around the globe. Who knows, you could be a lottery millionaire in Colombia, Ukraine, or Japan!

Lottery Results Checker


With our lottery results checker, you can compare the winning lottery numbers of 33 of the world’s biggest lottery jackpots from Europe, the USA, South Africa, Australasia, and Latin America. Once you have discovered which lottery numbers are trending around the world, why not try your luck?

You can play for millions of dollars every day of the week from the comfort of your own couch. What’s more, it doesn’t matter where in the world you live!

Choose whether to follow the massive jackpots on offer from US Powerball or Euromillions or go for the better value offered by many of the smaller world lotteries such as the Irish lottery (any prize 1/54) or the super popular Polish lottery (any prize 1/57) the choice is yours.

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