Oregon Megabucks Lottery – Iraqi Citizen Wins $6.4 Million!

Yes, it’s true. Iraq citizen wins a US lottery. A married father of two from Baghdad won $6.4 million playing the Oregon Megabucks Lottery with theLotter.com. Amazingly this citizen of Iraq had only registered an account three months earlier. This was made possible using theLotter’s worldwide messenger service.

“It was a shock. At first, I thought it was a joke. I was driving in my car, I was going to the bank… so I get a call from theLotter, from a great person called Christine, and she told me the great news, so I was in shock! I suspected I’d won something, but had no idea it was the jackpot.”

The shocked Iraqi was on his way to his bank when he received the call informing him of his win. It is not known exactly why he was planning to visit the bank, but, we would have liked to witness the look on his bank manager’s face when he told him the news.

‘M’ (as we shall call him) opted to remain anonymous. This may have had something to do with the situation in Iraq. The country is still dangerous in places, so anyone with money can be a potential kidnap target. After all, it is not every day that an Iraq citizen wins a major US lottery like the Oregon Megabucks. Fortunately ‘M’ was given every assistance by both the state lottery and theLotter.com. He was flown to the USA to collect his winnings in person.

How did he win the Oregon Megabucks lottery?

‘M’ managed to purchase his Oregon Megabucks tickets using the worldwide messenger service provided by theLotter.com. The Lotter was established in 2002 and has been providing premier service for players all over the world via a series of 20 global ticket-purchasing bureaus.

They do this using a network of local representatives who purchase tickets from authorized state lottery outlets all over the USA, Europe, and Australia. Once the ticket is purchased it is scanned electronically and a copy is made available in the player’s admin area within minutes. Using this sophisticated system lottery players can Play the biggest lotteries in the world.

oregon megabucks lottery

Yes. US law states that a winning ticket must be bought by a person physically present in the state in which the lottery takes place. Due to the widespread availability of independent lottery ticket delivery services in the USA (of which theLotter.com is one) overseas players are now able to participate in most US state lotteries. Further explanation of why this is possible can be found by reading why lottery ticket agents are going global.

Now, thanks to the Oregon Megabucks the future of ‘M’ and of his family looks very bright indeed. All because one day he elected to register an account at theLotter.com. But will he continue to purchase lottery tickets online following his jackpot win? “I’m going to continue to play every day!” he replied.

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