How to Play Irish Lottery Online

A brief history of the Irish lottery online

The origins of the Irish lottery date back to 1987, when the Irish government first introduced lottery games and scratchcards to raise money for good causes. The format back then was 6 from 36 (pick any 6 numbers from 36 available numbers) although the format has changed several times in the intervening years.

The current format (pick 6 from 47) was established by Premier Lotteries Ireland in November 2014 under a 20-year license issued by the Irish Government. Tickets are distributed throughout Ireland using a retail network of 3,700 agents and online. Proceeds from the Irish Lotto go to help good causes in local communities in the country.

Irish Lotto is one of the most popular world lotteries, with a record jackpot of £35 million. Played twice a week, each draw offers players the chance to win a jackpot running to millions of Euros!

How to play the Irish lottery online

To win the jackpot, players must match 6 numbers with the 6 main numbers drawn from 1–47.

Prize categories to be won are:

  • Match 6 – Jackpot
  • Match 5 + Bonus Ball
  • Match 5
  • Match 4 + Bonus Ball
  • Match 4
  • Match 3 + Bonus Ball
  • Match 3

Odds of winning the Irish lotto jackpot

Many lotto players have discovered that the Ireland Lotto offers a far greater chance of success than the UK Lotto. The odds of winning the lottery in Ireland are just 1:10.7 million compared to 1:45 million for the National Lottery UK. This makes playing Irish Lotto a much better investment than comparable European lotteries.

DivisionsNumber MatchWinning Odds
#161:10 737 573
#25+11:1 789 596
#351:44 740
#44+11:17 896

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Irish lottery draw take place?

The draw takes place every Wednesday and Saturday at 9 pm local time.

How do I choose my Irish lotto numbers?

Start by choosing 6 numbers from 1-47. If you match all of them, you’ll hit the jackpot!

How much does it cost to play the Irish lottery?

Check the Irish Lottery page at theLotter.com for all the latest prices.

How much can I win playing the Irish lottery?

The Lotto in Ireland offers a minimum guaranteed jackpot of €2 million, but with rollovers, it can grow to much larger amounts.

How does the quick-pick feature work?

The quick-pick feature is an auto-number generator that automatically generates your numbers for you.

What are the most common numbers in the Irish lotto?

As of June 4, 2022, the seven most commonly drawn numbers were 27, 47, 29, 42, 10, 15, and 22.

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