Papaya Pop

Papaya Pop

PapayaPop™ takes players into a glitzy realm, inspired by the elegant Art Deco era, of the swinging 1920’s! Stunning sound and visuals, blend with glamorous bonus features, creating a high-end slot that echoes the style of the casino lounges of Paris, during its heyday.


The  PopWins™ series is set to become a whole lot jazzier – thanks to the PapayaPop™ slot released globally on 6th September 2021. Joining the existing line-up in the portfolio (PopRocks™, WildPops™, CherryPop™, BountyPop™, TikiPop™ HippoPop™), PapayaPop™ takes players into a glitzy realm, inspired by the elegant Art Deco era, of the swinging 1920s! Stunning sound and visuals, blend with glamorous bonus features, creating a high-end slot that echoes the style of the casino lounges of Paris, during its heyday. The combination of the famous PopWins™ mechanic, Unlimited Free Spins, and Gamble Wheel, makes PapayaPop™ one of the most exciting games we’ve created at AvatarUX. With glamorous wins up to x10542 (€1,054,200) for the luckiest spinners, PapayaPop™ is ready to become one of the hottest trending games of the year.

PapayaPop™ Quick Facts
Bet Range: €0.20 to €100.00
RTP: 96%
Hit Frequency: 22%
Max win of 10542x a player’s bet
Max Win Payout: €2,108 to €1,054,200

PapayaPop™ Theme & Symbols

PapayaPop™ is inspired by the glitz and glamour of the Art Deco period during the 1920s, graced by elegant casino lounges and the magic of cabaret clubs – from Paris to New York! The net result from the team at AvatarUX, is a slot with stunning high-end visuals, plus a jazz soundtrack that will whisk spinners away, to the glamour of the Art Deco casino slot lounge.

Along with a stylish vibe, PapayaPop™’s classy theme, combines with advanced slot mechanics, to create one of the hottest video slots of 2021. The combination of stunning visuals, amazing jazz soundtrack, and famous PopWins™ bonus features, makes PapayaPop™ slot a high-end selection for casinos and players seeking a top-trending game. The game’s fruit theme builds on the success of previous games slots in the  PopWins™ series, such as the smash-hit CherryPop’s™ – giving it a ready-made player base.

PapayaPop™ is programmed with five reels and a background that can expand to an incredible x118098 pay lines – creating a vast range of winning potential for lucky spinners.

Players can spin and win, with a beautifully rendered set of 13 Art Deco symbols: Super High Gold Papaya, High Gold Pineapple, Dragon Fruit, Passion Fruit, Fig, Guava, Star Fruit, A, K, Q, J, 9, and 10. Set against an Art Deco casino lounge background. PapayaPop™ delivers one of the classiest video slots on the scene.

With bets ranging from €0.20 to €100, PapayaPop™ offers players of every level the chance to experience one of the most exciting casino eras, the world has ever seen.

Symbol Table

Super High Gold PapayaHighLow
5 = 15xGold Pineapple 8x / 4x / 2xA 0.4 / 0.8 / 1.6
4 = 7.5xDragon Fruit 6x / 3x / 1.5xK 0.4 / 0.8 / 1.6
3 = 4xPassion Fruit 5x / 2.5x / 1.2xQ 0.4 / 0.8 / 1.6
Fig 4x / 2x / 1xJ 0.3 / 0.6 / 1.2
Guava 4x / 2x/ 1x9 0.3 / 0.6 / 1.2
Star Fruit 2.5x / 1.2x / 0.8x10 0.3 / 0.6 / 1.2

The best paying Super High Pay Golden Papaya symbol pays 4x, 7.5x, and 15x the triggering bet, for spinning three, four and five symbols, respectively. It’s followed in value by the six High Pay symbols: Gold Pineapple, Dragon Fruit, Passion Fruit, Fig, Guava, and Star Fruit icons, which payout between 0,8x to 8x, for a range of 3-5 symbol combinations. The six Low Pay symbols (A, K, Q, J, 9, 10) have a payout range, between 0.3x and 1.6x the triggering bet, for spinning a variety of 3-5 symbol combos.

PapayaPop™ Betting & Payouts

PapayaPop™ is spinnable with bets ranging from €0.20 to €100 – with an enticing 96% RTP. The game is also engineered with a moderate volatility rating of 90 and an average hit rate of 22%, creating a high-energy game, where players typically enjoy a stream of winning action and top value sessions.

Base Game Symbol Payouts

Players can spin wins in PapayaPop™ slot, by matching combinations of three, four, or five of the slot’s 13 symbols. With the basic payouts ranging from 0.3x to 15x, diverse symbol combinations and bet levels, create a wide range of real-world reward potential.

Thanks to powerful bonus mechanics, PapayaPop’s™ payout potential, can rise to awesome levels. Big wins have the potential to scale the heady heights of x10542 – a payout level between €2,108 and €1,054,200 on the max bet.

PapayaPop™ Bonus Features

Just like the swinging casinos of Paris during the Art Deco era of the 1920s, PapayaPop™ slot features an excess of excitement – courtesy of thrilling bonus features. Unlocking the full luck in the PapayaPop™ casino lounge can usher in luxury payouts up to x10542 the triggering bet!

Unlimited Free Spins

The decadence of the PapayaPop™ slot is summed up by the fact that every winning spin, triggers the Unlimited Free Spins bonus. The bonus always starts with three free spins and an x2 Multiplier, with the counter reset to three, whenever a win is gained! The automated Unlimited Free Spins, continue until the counter hits zero. Players can progressively unlock the reels in the Free Spin mode, in search of the Multiplier rewards.

Unlimited FREE Spins


Free Spins in PapayaPop™, start with 2x Multiplier and increased by x1 after every new spin in the bonus round. If all the reels are unlocked on a spin, then the Multiplier counter is boosted by x2. The Multiplier is applied to every win during the bonus round.


Gamble Wheel

PapayaPop™ mimics the dare of the Art Deco era, by giving players the chance to spin the Gamble Wheel, before they enter the Unlimited Free Spins. Winning the gamble, rewards players with a higher starting Multiplier and Reel – but losing the gamble, forfeits the free spins. Daring spinners, can gamble twice:

Gamble one: Boosts Multiplier from x2 to x3 and reel height from three to four.

Gamble two: Boosts Multiplier to x4 and reel height to five.

If the Gamble Wheel lands on Gold, the starting Multiplier is set to x5.

Gamble Wheel

PopWins™ Feature

Just like all the games in the series, PapayaPop™ features the powerful and exclusive PopWins™ mechanics. Every win on PapayaPop™ triggers a fruity ‘Pop’ – adding two new symbols to the reels, in search of winning combinations. PapayaPop™’s ‘Pops’ can reach nine high, creating the potential for an incredible 118,098 ways-to-win!


Buy Bonus

The magic of the PapayaPop™ Free Spin mode, can be bought for 75x the normal bet. Daring players, can opt to instantly enter the slot’s most powerful bonus round, and potentially tap-in to a hot run of luck.

PapayaPop™ slot adds some extra glitz and glamour to the already impressive PopWins™ portfolio – with an exuberant Art Deco slotscape. The success of the PopWins™ mechanic goes from strength to strength, giving this game excellent credentials, when it comes to player attraction and retention. What’s more, the existing CherryPop™ slot fanbase, makes PapayaPop™ a ready-made success for online casinos.

This is what Ken has to say…

Papaya Pop is a brand new fruit slot game from AvatarUX. Released only in September of 2021 this cool-looking (if slightly confused) game is choc-full of fruity goodness. The game is a visual mix of art deco and tropical fruits. There is no doubt that the game is well drawn and the 1920’s inspired soundtrack is superb. However, I can’t help wondering how the turn of the century art-deco and tropical fruits fit together.

That said the 5 lines x 3 rows waterfall slot game has a lot to commend it. The visuals are gorgeous, full of papaya, jackfruit, dragon fruit, and pineapples. I found myself having to take a trip to Sainsbury’s to stock up on fruit! What is really cool though is that there are so many ways to win, 118,098 pay lines to be exact. This gives players a whopping potential jackpot of 10,542x their bet or €1,054,200.

I do like the expanding reels feature, or the ‘Pop” wins. It looks great and has the ability to expand to 6 symbols high. This, in turn, can trigger the FREE SPINS feature potentially increasing the height by another 3 symbols. There is an option to gamble using the Gamble Wheel (think wheel of fortune) which has the ability to boost the multiplier x2.

A pleasant game that fits in nicely with the fruit slot category of slot games. It should prove to be popular with lovers of the genre.

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