Johnan Legendarian

Johnan Legendarian

From the old times and the ancient world, stories have been told and passed on. Heroes, villains, and events from the past brought together in the old book of Algroth.

From the pages of Algroth to your screen, the tale of Johnan Legendarian is an epic you can’t ignore. Plucked from the ancient annals but very much a modern-day adventure, this journey into a world of spins, sins and mythical jackpots ensures this legendary story is one you’ll never forget.

Making a slot this great takes a team of experts. Fortunately, Yggdrasil brings together the best minds in the business. For this project, Peter & Sons, Gati and Yggdrasil joined forces to push the boundaries of what’s possible. To explain what they’ve done and how they’ve done it, we’ve put together a Johnan Legendarian slot review. So, if you’re ready to spin, let’s go!

You hit a single button and, within a second, the pages of an ancient book start to turn. It’s Algroth, the fabled story of warriors, creatures from the beyond and lost riches. As a gust of wind ripples each page, you flip from one scene to another. The next thing you know, you’re caught in a world of adventure.

Drums crash, violines cry out and cymbals pierce through the noise. You look up and see a gameboard. Beside it stands Johnan Legendarian and before you are reels filled with beasts and weapons. The fight is on. It’s time to embrace the adventure, write your own story and spin the reels of the epic Johnan Legendarian slot game.

Release DateMarch 29, 2021
Maximum Win€250,000
Max RTP96.03%
Default Bet size2€
Bet Range0.10€ – 50€
Johnan Legendarian Review


To play Johnan Legendarian slots, you need to bring something to the table. Just like a warrior takes his weapons into battle, you need something by your side if you want to join this storybook adventure. To that end, a coin or two is required to set the reels in motion. Bets range from €0.10 to €50 per spin, so you’ll have plenty of scope to tackle this mythical slot machine in way that suits you.

Once you’ve picked you stakes, it’s time to get moving. Striking the bet button will set five reels and 10 paylines in motion. As the reels come to a stop, the following symbols roll into view:

  • Card Symbols
  • The Bow and Arrow
  • The Sword
  • The Warrior Bull
  • The Dragon
  • The Wizard (wild and jackpot symbol)

Match three or more symbols and you’ll win prizes worth between 0.50X and 500X your bet. That’s impressive, but it’s not the end of the story. Indeed, as you turn more pages and delve deeper into the world of Algroth, you’ll encounter a myriad of magical bonuses. 


Johnan Legendarian slot bonuses all hinge on one character: the wizard. Whenever this guy rolls into view, it’s good news. Firstly, the wizard is wild. That means he can substitute for every other symbol in the game. But what about the Johnan Legendarian scatter symbol? In other Yggdrasil slots, wilds don’t substitute for scatters. However, Johnan Legendarian is different. In this game, the wizard is the wild, the jackpot symbol and the scatter! Put simply, he’s the guy you want to see when you’re playing.

Indeed, if you can roll in three or more, you’ll win fixed prizes worth up to 500X your bet. On top of that, three or more wizards will trigger the Johnan Legendarian slot free spins bonus. Here, you’ll receive 10 gratis turns. If three or more wizards line up during the bonus round, you’ll receive 10 additional free spins. On top of this, golden coins can fall onto the reels at any time. When they do, they’ll expand to cover an entire reel. Whatever symbol is on the coin will line up with what’s on the gameboard to create mega combos.

Finally, if all that wasn’t enough, Johnan Legendarian online slots can remember things. When two scatters appear in view, their presence isn’t forgotten. Just as ink leaves an indelible mark, two scatters will be recorded on a scroll. If you collect 385 pairs of scatters during the main game, you’ll trigger the Johnan Legendarian super free spins bonus. You start the game with 10 free spins but, through a combination of scatters and special symbols, you can unlock some serious value. In fact, with the right symbols and spins, you could win prizes worth up to 5,000X your bet!


The Johnan Legendarian slot game is a real page-turner. Thanks to the Book of Algroth, you get taken to strange new worlds as you search for lost cities. Of course, the goal when searching for these ancient relics is to uncover riches. Fortunately, Johnan Legendarian has plenty to offer in this department.

With fixed wins topping 500X and the maximum payout a heady 5,000X, you’ll never be short of payout potential. However, this game is so much more than the sum of its prize money. When you play Johnan Legendarian, you get sucked into a story. That’s entertaining and, in our opinion, the best reason to take a spin on this Yggdrasil creation.


Where Can I Play the Johnan Legendarian Slot Machine?

You can play the Johnan Legendarian slot game at our top-rated partner casinos. Check out our reviews, find a site you like and go on an epic adventure with this Yggdrasil marvel. 

How Much Can I Win Playing Johnan Legendarian Slot Games?

The maximum prize multiplier for Johnan Legendarian slots is 5,000X. If you’re playing at the top stakes, this means the max payout for Johnan Legendarian is €250,000! 

Is the Johnan Legendarian Slot Game Fair and Safe?

Yes! The Johnan Legendarian online slot is 100% fair. Every Yggdrasil online slot game is tested and certified by third-party agencies. This means you get a world-class gaming experience that’s not only 100% fair but totally safe and secure.

Is there a Strategy for Johnan Legendarian Slots?

The Johnan Legendarian online slot machine is all about mysteries and adventures. Because of that, the only thing you need to do is sit back and enjoy the ride. Whenever you’re playing online slots, the name of the game is always entertainment. With that in mind, you should never bet more than you can afford. The Johnan Legendarian slot RTP is a heady 96.03%. That’s hugely impressive, so you don’t need to worry about prizes and payouts. Therefore, you can focus on betting within your limits and enjoying this epic journey.

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