Enter a carnival of wonders in Golden Ticket 2! Join the Ringmaster and his amazing acts under the big top and make your fortune in the golden age of live entertainment.

Golden Ticket 2 is a 5×5 cascading gridslot with a 1920’s circus theme. The game’s biggest symbols are all represented by world-famous characters of the big top, the Ringmaster, a Knife-Thrower and a Clown. The remaining symbols are their iconic props, the Ringmaster’s hat and whip, the Knife-Throwers knives, his target and the Clown’s juggling pins and his unicycle.

You can achieve a win by matching three or more identical symbols, either horizontally or vertically. Any winning combinations will disappear from the grid, and the remaining symbols will drop down, giving you the chance to make even more wins on the same spin!

There are several Wild symbols which will substitute for any in-game symbol to help you create winning combinations. You have the Standard Wild in the shape of the big top, and the x2 and x3 Multiplier Wilds, which will increase the value of any combinations they help create, for even bigger wins.

The game has two fabulous features to add even more entertainment to the show! The first is the Multiplier Wilds feature. A Wild Meter sits beside the grid and will fill up anytime combinations are made using the character symbols. Matching 3, 4 or 5 symbols on the grid will fill 1, 2 or 3 sections of the meter; the meter resets after each round

Once the meter is filled, Wilds are randomly placed onto the grid to help you out. Each Wild links to a different character symbol and, whichever character is active beside the grid when the meter is filled, determines which Wild you get.

The second feature (the Main Event, if you will!) is the Circus Free Spins. In each game round, one of the rows will be chosen to be a Bonus Row; if you clear the whole row to reveal the word BONUS, you’ll trigger the free spins. Once you’ve triggered it you will have three options:




During Free Spins, if you fill the meter, it will reward you with a Win Spin featuring your chosen Wild. Wilds will appear as 2×2 size symbol during Win Spins guaranteeing you a win. For the Win Spin, the grid is filled with all new symbols (including the Wild), and then any wins are paid out.

If you fill the meter during the Win Spin, it will trigger ANOTHER Win Spin featuring your chosen Wild!

If you clear the grid of all symbols, you’ll also be awarded an instant prize.

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