The secrets of Chi

According to legends, a lost city of treasures can be found hidden within the Himalayan mountains. To reach it, treacherous grounds and dangerous routes need to be overcome! But once there, you will be welcomed by two helpful spirits, Chi and Mow. Together with them you will quest for fortune and glory! Their beneficial spirit powers will aid you on your way to the rewarding Fortune Reels, on top of the Stairway to Fortune!

Chi is a unique 5 reel, 3 row vertical slot. 27 paylines paying in both directions result in a total of 54 paylines. The soft Asian touch is enhanced by relaxing music that gets you in the perfect mood – Life is good!

Discover the secrets of Chi – reach the top multiplier and you will be in heaven!

Stairway to Fortune

Keep fingers crossed for three bonus symbols. This will trigger the rewarding Stairway to Fortune bonus game.

Chi and Mow cooperate aiming to reach the top of the bonus game – the Fortune Reels. Chi draws a random number between 1 and 6. Mow moves the corresponding number of steps along the cloud path of continuously increasing multipliers. This rewarding journey continues until Chi draws Collect, in which case the multiplier currently held by Mow is paid out in accordance with your bet level. A lucky journey all the way up to the Fortune Reels will literally take you to heaven.

A spin on each of the five reels is awarded, and all the collected multipliers from now on are added on top. Hitting the arrow on the uppermost reel will add the final x10,000 multiplier to the score.

A fortunate journey may result in a mind-blowing multiplier of 12,500 times your bet.

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