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Wshful is a new and exciting online lottery syndicate that offers a fully managed syndicate service. Essentially they are a lottery syndicate that is operated online as opposed to a lottery services provider. This means that by taking part you are NOT wagering on the outcome of your chosen lottery. Neither will you have the option of choosing a particular set of numbers or of receiving a scan of your lottery ticket.

They don’t have as big a selection of top lotteries as some of the other well known lottery syndicate providers but for the money that you pay, joining Wshful does represent great value. It is important to note that unlike other ‘lottery service providers’ Wshful is purely an online syndicate. It is important that you understand the difference. For clarification, you can visit our Question & Answer section.

No Gambling License – No Problem!

No. Then again technically they do not need to. Wshful is a lottery syndicate organiser. They do not promote any lottery as such and are therefore not lottery promoters. Although they specify which lottery they are going to take part in they have no loyalty to any particular lottery organisation. As such Wshful is not a gambling or gaming company and does not require a license from the UK Gambling Commission.

You can find out more about why Wshful do not require a lottery operating license by visiting the UK Gambling Commission’s “Running a lottery syndicate” page.

You are advised to read the Terms & Conditions of this site carefully before taking part. Cloud Canyon Ltd is a media and marketing company based in London, UK. They are registered in England and Wales under company number 10631445, at International House, 24 Holborn Viaduct, London, EC1A 2BN, United Kingdom.

Their Trading Address is 58 Boileau Road, London, W5 3AJ, United Kingdom. They have a company website located at https://cloudcanyonmedia.com

A Fully Managed Syndicate Service

Essentially a fully managed syndicate service requires that you take out a weekly subscription in order to improve your chances of a regular return. Everything is automated and because it is a syndicate they take of the entire process on your behalf.

Don’t worry though! The subscription charges are very affordable and equivalent to what many people spend per week on normal lottery tickets.

There are 3 tiers of syndicate available. Bronze, Silver and Gold. Your managed syndicate service guarantees either 10, 30 or 60 lines in two lottery draws depending on which tier you play.

For Example:

Should you choose to play in the ‘Bronze’ tier. This would guarantee you syndicate entries into each weekly Euromillions and Megamillions draw. Both of these lotteries has 2 draws per week (every Tuesday & Friday). Your subscription entitles you to 5 lines in each one of these 4 draws. This means that you would be playing 20 lines (10 lines in the Euromillions and 10 lines in the Megamillions) for just £4 per week! This works out to an incredible 20p per line! Compare that with the cost of a single Euromillions entry and the value of a managed syndicate service is obvious.

Each syndicate consists of 88 members (two fat ladies!) and each member receives 5 lines in Euromillions and 5 lines in Megamillions for EVERY DRAW! You can increase your chances of a significant win even more simply by referring a friend and getting an amazing 50 lines into the Powerball draw (25 lines on Wednesday & 25 lines on Saturday) absolutely FREE!




* 10 lines in Euromillions
* 10 lines in Megamillions

5 lines per draw every Tuesday & Friday

Only 20p per line!




* 30 lines in Euromillions
* 30 lines in Megamillions

15 lines per draw every Tuesday & Friday

Only 11.7p per line!




* 60 lines in Euromillions
* 60 lines in Megamillions

30 lines per draw every Tuesday & Friday

Only 10p per line!

Wshful Don’t Have A Large Choice of Games

Wshful offers just 3 online lottery syndicates. However, the syndicates that they offer are good ones. Currently subscribers to Wshful’s managed syndicate service can take part in Euromillions, Megamillions and Powerball syndicates. For most people these are the only games that matter as they are the world’s largest and best lottery games. Sure it would be nice to have a greater choice but when the games available are as well managed and cheap to enter as they are at Wshful then choice is a little less important.

Bonuses & Promotions Available at Wshful

OK, now you are talking! Wshful doesn’t do a sign-up or welcome bonus. It doesn’t need to. Subscriptions into its managed syndicate service are as cheap as chips! What it does do though is offer one of the best loyalty reward programs around.

Each time that you play you earn ‘player pounds’. This reward money can be spent in the ‘Lottery Store’ where it is possible to buy syndicate entries without subscription.

Another great feature of the site is ‘Wshful Stars’.

Wshful Stars is a separate game with its own site which is open to everyone in the UK above the age of 18 (including Wshful members or non-members).

Wshful stars is run essentially like a raffle. You buy as many tickets as you require and then a draw is made on the advertised date. The difference is that instead of picking a winning number from a hat, entrants are required to guess how many marbles are contained in a jar from an accompanying image. This game is kinda odd or kinda fun depending on which way you look at it!

  1. Wshful Stars is open to everyone in the UK above the age of 18, including Wshful members or non-members.
  2. Choose the prize you wish to win.
  3. Purchase the number of entries you want from Wshful Stars.
  4. For each entry guess how many marbles in the vessel.
  5. Nearest guess wins.
  6. If you win, make sure we can contact you to organise delivery of your win.
  7. If there is more than one winning player, then we will have a tie break.
  8. For the tie break, all the tie break players make one guess with a new jar for marbles. The winner of the tie break is declared the overall winner for the week and wins their selected prize.

Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

Wshful only accept Mastercard and Visa.

What I like about Wshfl is that any winnings are automatically collected and available in your account page. Best of all you can withdraw your winnings at any time so long as you have just £3 in your account. NO COMMISSION is charged on winnings or withdrawals!

Friendly and Helpful Customer Support Team

Customer support at Wshful is pretty good. They have a dedicated support page which you can visit here.

The support page has a contact form and some other information that a player may find useful such payment issues, how to collect your winnings data privacy and how to cancel.


For non-urgent enquiries you can email Wshful at support@wshful.com

Wshful aim to respond to all enquiries the same day during business hours, but players should allow up to 48 hours.


To be able to speak to a real live human you can call +44 (0) 207 1833109

Their business hours are as follows:

  • Monday to Friday: 09:00 to 17:00 GMT
  • Saturday & Sunday: CLOSED
  • Bank Holidays: CLOSED


Trading Address: 58 Boileau road, London, W5 3aj, United Kingdom

Are Wshful Appy?

Wshful are appless! However, its mobile website is fully responsive and easy to navigate. It is very easy to open an account and manage your lottery syndicate subscriptions using your mobile.

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