lotto social review

Lotto Social Review

Lotto Social Review: More Chances to Win For Less – Ready-Made Syndicates Where Everything is Managed For You. Let’s take a look at Lotto Social in this in-depth Lotto Social Review. If you are the type of person that enjoys taking part in online lottery syndicates then you want to get on board with these guys.

Who Are Lotto Social?

Lotto Social was born, as are all great things, out of a dream to make taking part in the lottery more fun and more inclusive for most people. A tech-savvy group of English friends joined together (in a syndicate) to create the Lotto Social platform. These guys knew that mathematically the ordinary man and woman in the street have a better chance of scooping a major lottery prize playing as part of a syndicate than they ever would alone.

Lotto Social is wholly owned by Hatchster Ltd. Registered offices at Companies House is 7 Bell Yard London. WC2A 2JR, England. Company Reg No: 05698103 and VAT No: GB 929147502

The Vision

The focus of Lotto Social is to make it easy for lottery lovers to take part in a syndicate. This is because they understand that playing as part of a syndicate offers lotto players better odds of success.

Of course Lotto Social want to offer their members more than just the lottery. Lotto Social set out to create that winning formula! Whether that means winning smaller amounts more often on the EuroMillions or taking part in exclusive member freebies. Being part of the Lotto social experience gives you the chance to win spa treatments, weekends breaks or even Amazon gift vouchers. Lotto Social has really created multiple winning opportunities for lottery lovers everywhere!

UK Gaming License

Lotto Social is not classified as gaming by the UK gambling commission. A license is therefore not required.

How Lotto Social Works

Syndicate management agents have been around as long as the lottery itself. Lotto Social is definitely one of the better ones that we have come across. This is why Lotto Social is Ken’s official lottery syndicate management agent. These guys have been doing this for quite a few years now exclusively in the UK. They have built up a good reputation in a business where reputation is everything.

Anyone who has ever tried running a workplace lottery syndicate knows how involved the process can get. It can be time-intensive, and with ever-changing government legislation, administratively challenging for the person in charge. Lotto Social takes away all these problems and runs online lottery syndicates in a professional and transparent manner. They really take away the headaches of playing the lottery as part of a group.

Take a look at this infographic to see exactly how it works…

Lotto Social How it Works

Lotto Social Introductory Offer

Register an account with Lotto Social today and you will get an incredible 10 EuroMillions Lines For £1 + Get 5 Instant Win Games For Free! This is the best way to get started with the UK’s largest online lottery syndicate service provider. Love it!

Why You Should Take Part in an Online Lottery Syndicate

Customer Support at Lotto Social

Customer Support at Lotto Social is readily available, 365 days a year. They have a comprehensive knowledge base on the website where most of your questions can be answered. However there is NO live chat option. Registering as a member does mean that contacting customer support is made easier, but as of now the only way for direct access to CS is through an email webform.

Interesting Facts About Lotto Social

  • Lotto Social is the UK’s largest lottery syndicate service provider
  • Lotto Social is available on mobile and desktop
  • Voted excellent on Trustpilot 4.81 average from 1952 real-time reviews
  • Recommended by 98% of reviewers
  • The  UK’s most cost-effective lottery syndicate service
  • Partnered with well-known brands such as Groupon
  • Charity-focused, subscribers can  participate and make recommendations regarding future  charity sponsorship projects, a charity of the month promotion
  • Jackpot text alerts 
  • Lotto Social has experienced massively increased sales, conversions and site engagement from new players in 2020
  • Parent company: Hatchster, based in Farringdon, central London.

Benefits of a Lotto Social Syndicate

  • More opportunities to win and at a much lower cost – 1 in 5 jackpots won by a syndicate
  • Appeals to non-gaming ‘vertical’ and ‘jackpot hunters’
  • Subscribers are part of the ever-growing lottery syndicate community – 59861 active subscribers
  • Solo subscribers are automatically assigned to a syndicate
  • 70% of the UK population play national lottery 
  • Winnings are paid in full. Lotto Social takes no commission on wins 
  • All wins are equally shared

Coming Soon…

Lotto Social is always coming up with new ways to appeal to its growing legion of syndicate members. Here are just a few things that you can expect from them in the coming months.

  • Mobile app in development (late 2020)
  • Create your own syndicate 
  • Worldwide players Accepted (2021)

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