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Of all the ways to donate to the RNLI, the lifeboat lottery is probably the least well known. Visit any seaside town in the UK and you will inevitably discover a Lifeboat shop selling souvenirs. You will certainly come across donation points made out of de-activated sea mines. Occasionally you may have an envelope come through your letterbox asking for donations. The lottery though! The RNLI don’t run a lottery! Well, yes they do actually.

Surprisingly, the RNLI do not receive funds from the UK National Lottery. They rely totally on donations from the public and from private benefactors. It makes sense then, that in order to raise money they must come up with new and more inventive ways to encourage the general public to donate to the Lifeboats. Lotteries are great way for charities to generate funds and at the same time give you, the public, a way of getting something back as a reward for your loyalty.

We all know about the amazing work that the RNLI does in saving lives around the UK’s coastlines. However this may not always seem relevant to someone living in Birmingham, which is about as far from the sea as it is possible to get in England. Yet on any given day the RNLI may be as likely to save the lives of a family from Great Barr as they are a family from Plymouth.

Donate to the RNLI

Of course the lottery is just one of many ways the RNLI raise funds. Supporters frequently hold fundraising days up and down the country, from fun runs to cake baking. You can donate to the RNLI online. You can leave them a gift in your will. It is even possible to contribute regularly to the Royal National Lifeboat Fund directly from your salary. To learn more about how you could donate to the RNLI visit their support page. If you would like more information about the RNLI or to discuss fundraising ideas of your own, then check out our dedicated RNLI forum.

The Lifeboat Lottery

Play the RNLI’s Lifeboat Lottery and you’ll be in with a chance of winning up to £5,000. You’ll also be helping to save lives at sea.

Tickets are available to residents of England, Scotland and Wales by emailing lottery@rnli.org.uk or by calling their Customer Care Team on 0300 300 9990

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Lifeboat Lottery
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