5 Benefits of Playing Lottery Casino Games

Many online lottery sites are turning to casino games to help them boost revenue. There are several benefits to doing this and not just for lottery operators. The advantages to online lottery and casino players are significant. So, what are lottery casino games, and how will playing them benefit you?

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When it comes to online gambling games the lines are very clear. There are sportsbooks and there are casinos and there are bingo sites and then there is the lottery. To most people, this makes perfect sense. First, you choose what it is that you wish to gamble on then you choose a site that offers your game.

The problem is that too many online gambling sites want to be all things to all people. Sportsbooks frequently offer casino games, casinos offer bingo games, and a lot of the best online lottery sites like to offer casino games to their customers.

Diversification seems to be the way to go in the world of online gambling. Fewer and fewer online gambling sites choose to specialize in one particular field.

Many of the biggest online lottery sites such as Lottoland, LottoGo, and Jackpot.com have added slots to their extensive portfolio of online lottery casino games. But why do they do this? What was their motivation for including an online lottery casino to their already successful business model?

Benefits of playing online lottery casino games

As it turns out there are considerable benefits to playing lottery casino games at your favourite online lottery site. I have listed those benefits below…

  • Gambling License
  • Convenience
  • Deposits & Withdrawals
  • Variety
  • Trust

Online lottery providers have worked out that they can offer a much higher standard of customer service to their members by offering casino games and slots. In turn, this promotes loyalty and generates revenue.

The importance of a gambling license to an online lottery site

Being in possession of an online gambling license is a huge deal for any site that wants to offer gambling services online. This is particularly true of online lottery sites. Essentially there are 3 exciting ways to enjoy lottery games online. You can buy lottery tickets through a lottery ticket agent. You can bet on the lottery using one of the many lottery betting services or you can join an online lottery syndicate.

Of these 3 ways, only one requires a gambling license. Betting on the outcome of the world’s biggest lottery games is gambling, as such a license is required. The same cannot be said for the other ways of taking part in the lottery.

In order to legitimise their online lottery services a provider may on occasion obtain a gambling license. This promotes trust in their customer’s minds and takes away any negative ideas a customer may have.

Bet on lottery sites requires a license to offer online gambling services. The process to obtain one is both long and restrictive, it is also expensive. In order to get the best value from their license many of these types of lotto sites will add a casino to their portfolio. It is a great way to further monetise their existing traffic too, let’s be honest!

Convenience for online lottery players

Often it is just incredibly convenient to have all the gambling games you may need all together in one place. When you enter an online lottery draw the process to buy tickets or make your bets takes only a moment. Then, if you wish to play slots online you must first log out of your account, find a casino that you wish to play at, log into that account and deposit more money to begin to play slots. This takes time and it is just plain inconvenient.

However, if you are able to log into one account that offers both lottery games and slots then the whole process is simplified. One account, one username and password, and importantly, one deposit method is all you need.

Depositing and withdrawing funds is so much easier

By playing slots or online casino games at your preferred lottery games provider you only need one account. This means that you only need one payment provider to handle all your deposits and withdrawals. no messing around with multiple accounts or having to enter your details at different sites.

Multiple online gambling options

For many players the biggest single advantage is choice. not only can you take part in lottery jackpots such as USA Powerball, Euromillions and Italy’s SuperEnalotto, but you can also play all your favourite online slot games too.

Building relationships and trust

Another reason that online lottery game providers like to offer casino games is to build trust. Everyone that takes part in lottery games online can see that their chosen operator is fully licensed and regulated. It also means that in order to handle the volume of customer interactions, due to the extra services, the customer support team will be larger, better trained and available 24/7.

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