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Ken has been involved in the global gaming industry for over 30 years. Originally from a land-based casino background, he has been lucky enough to have worked in such exotic locations as Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines, Myanmar, Russia, Ukraine, Cameroon, and Birmingham.

International Casino Consultant

The Ken Slots story is an incredible one. At various times he has worked for everyone from the Russian Mafia in Moscow, to the Burmese Junta in Myanmar.

As an International Casino consultant, Ken has worked in live dealer casinos in 30 venues, in more than a dozen countries spread across four continents. He has been lucky enough to open, and subsequently operate, some of the best new casinos (and one or two of the worst) in many of the world’s most exotic destinations.

international casino consultant

Online Gambling Affiliate

Now as owner and operator of Ken Slots, a casino comparison website, he writes exclusively about gambling. Ken Slots offers information and tips for new and experienced casino players and aficionados. Information that you will find on this site includes everything from top-rated mobile casinos to the best new bingo sites. He has also recently opened his own PR agency Big Deal Promotions, which is run separately from the Ken Slots international casino consultancy.

Global PR Executive

As a youngster, Ken dreamed of becoming a journalist. For a short while, he workedunder the tutelage of Clive Evertonwriting for Snooker Scene magazine. Later he wrote sports reports for BRMB radio about cue sports. However, with his gambling heritage, Ken found himself working in the gambling industry. He followed up this journalistic experience by becoming a regular contributor to Casino World magazine. Writing mostly about people in the industry, and all the glamorous places he had visited, whilst still working at VIP casinos around the world.

Casino Compliance Expert

During Ken’s time working in casino management, his focus was always on the customer. Treating them fairly and getting them the best deal that he could. Ken Slots international casino consultancy continues that trend by building a community of gambling enthusiasts. It is Ken’s dream that readers of this blog will come together, help each other to progress, and hopefully, beat the house at their own game.

Because of this, and his experience in global casino management, Ken has learned to be something of a casino compliance expert. Learning all there is to know about how casinos operate and the frequently mystifying UK gambling legislation. Much of this experience is accessible via the Read Me section.

Responsible Gambling Advocate

Ken knows only too well the problems that some people can face when gambling. Thankfully this is far more infrequent than the mainstream media or Politicians would have you believe. Nevertheless, as a responsible gambling advocate, he provides advice on how to stay safe when gambling online, throughout this site.


Playing at the best UK slots sites can be a fun and enjoyable pastime or a heart-rending emotional roller-coaster. Playing slots online certainly shouldn’t reduce you to tears or mean that your loved ones go hungry. Follow these simple guidelines for a safe, satisfying slot playing experience.

  • Playing at the best UK slots sites is not a guaranteed way to make money
  • Only play slots online with money that you can afford
  • Don’t chase your online slots losses
  • Set yourself a loss limit every month
  • Set yourself a time limit too
  • Don’t play slot games online when you are upset
  • Play slots online but do other things too
  • Don’t drink and play slot games online. They just don’t mix!

Always remember one important thing. Never go into an online gambling session thinking you are going to break the bank. Nobody ever broke the bank at a casino starting off with £/$/€20 no matter what the song says. The only people that have ever done this began with millions of dollars in the first place. If that is your incentive then better you find another pastime, like fly fishing. 

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