8 Ways to Pick Your National Lottery Numbers

I don’t know how you do it but personally I always play the same National Lottery numbers. Every week. Without fail. Religiously. However, no two people are the same so your method of choosing your National Lottery numbers may be different from mine. Why? Anyway, just for fun, here are the best 8 ways to pick National Lottery numbers

Family Birthdays

This method of choosing National Lottery numbers is really only for the most sentimental of lottery players. Picking numbers based on a friend or relatives birth date has absolutely NO merit whatsoever. That said with odds as high as 1 in 45,057,474 against winning the UK National Lottery (according to the official UK National Lottery website) one way is just as good as another I guess.

Of course, there is a problem with this way of picking your lottery numbers. Choosing national lottery numbers in this way limits the number of numbers that you can actually choose. However, if you play these same national lottery numbers for every draw (as I do) then at least if and when you do scoop the jackpot at least it is more satisfying.

Ira curry won a share of a $648 million MegaMillions jackpot using family birthdays

Commonly Drawn Numbers

Another common way to pick National Lottery numbers is by using those numbers that most commonly appear, particularly in recent draws.

Since records began for the UK National Lottery on Saturday 19th November 1994 with a jackpot of £5,874,778 that was split by 7 winning tickets. *The number 23 has come up the most times (282 times in 2065 draws) followed by…

  • 40 (279)
  • 33 (277)
  • 38 (275)
  • 30 and 44 (274).

Whilst this might seem like a good strategy there is no guarantee that all these numbers will come up at once. In fact, there is no more possibility of these numbers coming together than any other random set of numbers.

Least Commonly Drawn Numbers

On the face of it picking numbers that come up less frequently or that are overdue might seem like a better option. You may consider that if they haven’t appeared in the draw for some time then it is much more likely that they will appear this time. Sadly, you’d be wrong. Statistically, these numbers have no more chance of being drawn than any other. In fact, they have the exact same chance (1 in 45,057,474) as any other number.

Lucky Numbers

Not everyone can be as lucky as Ronnie Martin of Pennsylvania, USA who played lottery numbers that he found in a ‘Fortune Cookie’ and decided to play the same numbers every week. However, many of us will play the same numbers over and over again because they have some significance.

Ronnie Martin won $1 million using numbers he saw in a Fortune cookie!

Often the reason why people consider some numbers to be luckier than others tends to be quite vague. Interestingly the most commonly chosen numbers are those that end in 7.

Previous Winning Numbers

One very interesting phenomenon that was discovered during a study in Switzerland (yes, I am not making this up!) is that many of us will play numbers based upon the previous weeks winning numbers. Others like to use the numbers from 2 weeks ago or even longer. The feeling is that if these numbers were lucky for someone else they can be lucky for me. You may wish to make your own mind up.

The ‘Luckiest’ Numbers of Them All!

How about this for a statistic. should you have played the numbers 01 07 22 25 31 47 in every draw since the National Lottery began you would have won £2,537,374! These numbers are the best performing numbers in National Lottery history. For consistent winning combinations, these are the luckiest National Lottery numbers of them all.

Using A System

Surprisingly millions of people around the world rely on some sort of ‘system’ to pick their lottery numbers each week. We are not a great lover of lottery systems here at Ken Slots. Certainly not if they come with outrageous false promises of riches or consistent wins. However, as a kind of mental exercise, some systems do have merit. One of the most well-known lottery systems is Lottery Wheeling which effectively involves buying lots and lots of tickets.

A simple search of the internet will also uncover many types of prediction software, African Shaman or psychics or other such nonsense. Stay away from these fraudsters. The best system to use when choosing your winning lottery numbers is the one that you come up with for yourself.

The Lucky Dip

Nothing wrong with a bit of randomness. Lottery experts and mathematicians will tell you that ‘Lucky Dip’ or ‘Quick Pick’ numbers are the best way to play the lottery.

Certainly Jane Lewis from Halifax, West Yorkshire thinks so. Jane decided to buy her first-ever Lucky Dip coupon and hit the £4,301,108 National Lottery jackpot. Her winning numbers were 2, 8, 12, 15, 21 and 42 in the Lotto Quadruple Rollover and she bought the ticket from a Tesco in Halifax.

National Lottery numbers
Jane Lewis from Halifax, UK won £4 million with a ‘Lucky Dip’

The reason why choosing random numbers (according to mathematicians) might be your best strategy has less to do with increasing your chances of winning the lottery and more to do with increasing the amount of the win.

Most experts agree that by using a system to pick your National Lottery numbers it is almost certain that others will be using the same system. What this means is that in the case of your winning the lottery you will be sharing this win with many others. Picking numbers completely at random gives you a better overall chance of keeping the winnings to yourself.

*Statistics on National Lottery numbers were taken from https://www.lottery.co.uk/lotto/statistics

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